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Well, it's pretty simple and easy, so I'll give it a 3 because it's really fun.

When I saw the game, I tought that it would be a classic platformer with really bad control, well, you know what? I was half right and half wrong. This game has really good graphics and control but, it's not an original platformer, I would even call it classic. But for a game to be good, you don't need to be the most original game in the world to be good, you just need a good gameplay because it's the base of video games. So here we go with the review.

Gameplay : The gameplay in this game is well done, when you jump there's more than one frame of animation per second and the control are precise, when you touch the space bar on your computer it jumps directly, it doesn't bug. So yeah, a simple gameplay but like I said before you don't need an incredible gameplay to make a good game, I mean Mario is one of the best game of all time and it's one of the simpliest gameplay in the world. Also, we're in a platformer.

The story : Yeah, the story is not incredible but it was made to be this way, it's a simple platformer following the foot of Mario, Sonic, Kid Icarus, Castlevania, etc. We're not here to have the most complex story in the existence of humanity, we're to play a simple platformer.

The lifetime of the game : Well, it's pretty good for a flash game one a site like Newgrounds. It has time trial, secret item and you can just play it for the fun. Okay, it's not perfect because the game only has four level, but again, we're on a flash game, not something made by Nintendo with a big budget so really, it pass, it's even really good for this little game.

The soundtrack : The soundtrack in this game is simple and really good. It's energetic, simple and it stays in your head for quite some time. It achieves his goal for a simple flash game like that. Yes, it can be a little distractingwhen you're in a really hard level, (the secret level of the third world for example) but there's an option to just stop the music, so it's not really a problem.

The world : Again, pretty simple, looks like Indiana Jones and like a LOT of platformer that I played in my short life time, (sixteen years of life time, wow, so big...). The lava world, the water world, the ''grass'' and the, I don't know templish kinda world with electricity. Okay, to be faire this world is pretty fun to play, hard and original.

So, to resume the game, good soundtrack, simple gameplay, cool world but not enough and really original, good life time for a flash game and a pretty simple story but we're in a platformer so it's cool.

My final note is 70/100, wich is really good for a flash game. So good job and it was fun to play even if I didn't finish, (I'll do it, don't worry).

Thanks for this awesome and keep up the good work,


I would really like to give this game a good review, but I can't. As much as I like the concept of the game and his originality, the physics are just off because every surface is like a wall, even the round surface. Also, this game don't know how to control the difficulty because it's fairly easy until the level 36. Because before that level, they were not that hard but after that, it's just super hard.

A game is suppose to have a difficulty settings where in every level the difficulty goes up but not too much but here, it just explodes when the level 36 appears. It took me more than 50 tries for the 36 and for the 37, didn't even finished. The other level were becoming harder, but no THAT hard, there's clearly a problem and the fact that something, jumping does not respond at the good time.

Could have been a really good game, but the realisation is off.

Zed2100 responds:

Thank you for the detailed review, there are 40 levels in total so I made the last ones quite difficult to say the least.

50 tries for the 36th and 37th level, that's impressive! Thanks for playing.

Update 25feb2016: I just published a new version (1.1) which should fix a lot of problems that you mentioned, check it out, thanks!

Best action game ver

The Game is way too easy, finished it in less than 2 minutes. Also, it's pretty hard for a beginner to know how to type really fast and move at the same time, maybe an option to set the difficulty. The graphics are nice but I'm a little biaised because I'm a sucker for 16 bit graphics like that, (don't know if it's 16 bit). Pretty fun game but WAY too easy because you can just read the text below the screen and know the patern of the boss, wich is really not complicated when you have a little bit of experience in video games.

By the way, if you wan't to make a game about typing, make sure that the letters are cristal clear because some letters were pretty difficult to understand. I tought the ''A'' was a ''U'' and that the ''I'' was a ''L''. So pretty good game with a lot of potential since it's not a really popular genre but too easy, too hard to read and too short.

It's meh, not amazing, not bad, just meh. But keep doing what you're doing because it's good.

Morbidware responds:

Thanks for your feedback! :)
Well it's super short because we had only 48h and we tried to focus on graphics and bullet patterns over length but yeah, the idea is to create a number of encounters until the final boss, with upgrades between fights and unlockable priests with easier and harder modes. Font will change.

So, I'm a québécois, (don't know how to pronounce it, in french it's québécois) who loves doing infography and drawing in general. I love video games and rap, don't like sport and don't like school. That's pretty much it.

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